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New site DirtyFuckers.Net now online - June 4, 2010
Brand New Club Site Online Now

Your new Commissions Booster!

Sleazy, Raw, Hard and Totally Filthy!

At last, a site with REAL... ???...
Homoactive.COM Megasales weeks - May 27, 2010
On Homoactive.COM, we've got special offers everywhere during our special Megasales weeks, with huge reductions on hundreds of DVDs.

Why not take advantage of this to boost your... ???...
Homoactive.Com Affiliate Integrated - April 29, 2010
We are very pleased to announce the successful upgrade of our HomoactiveCash from NATS 3 to NATS 4.

The advantages for you are:

Easier navigation and usability
... ???...
NATS Upgrade - March 28, 2010
As mentioned in our previous newsletter we have now finished uprading HomoactiveCash from NATS 3 to NATS 4.
The new program will offer more functions, more tools and much easier... ???...
Homoactive TV now in Spanish! - February 1, 2010
As the 2nd most widely-spoken language in the world, we're pleased to announce that Homoactive TV is now also available in Spanish. ¡Hasta la pasta!
Free Downloads on Johan-Volny.com - January 23, 2010
A free download area is now online on Johan-Volny.com. All Johan-Volny.com members can now also download the clips and videos.

We have added 12 great new banners in English and... ???...
Free Hosted Gals Finally Here! - January 20, 2010
Great gallery templates with some very teasing clips loaded in.

Find them in Ad Tools/Hosted/Mix

So far we have 2 for Johan Volny and 4 for Homoactive TV with more on... ???...
New Site Launched: Raw Films - November 26, 2009
Our latest and greatest addition is the steamy RawFilms.net - jam packed full of the hottest bareback action you'll find anywhere. With a compelling tour this is already proving a hit. Check it out... ???...
New Johan Volny Banners - September 8, 2009
9 great new Johan Volny banners added, mostly in German.
New Banners for Homoactive TV - September 8, 2009
Funky new designs.

Some now available in German too by popular demand.

You'll also find banners for promoting the popular free trial (http://www.homoactive.tv/trial)
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